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An adaptation of this song was recorded for "Lady of the Rose--a Musical Odyssey"--it awaits vocals, re-mix, mastering and performance.


"She’s Ready to Deliver"__Track 13.

She’s ready to deliver, long half past since December. There’s nothing here to offer–you’ll have to take the stable. Oh-ooooh. There’s nothing left but sugar. He’ll need something that’s solid. There’s nothing here to offer. You’ll have to feed him prayer. He was born; He was raised; spent his days in prayer. Young man with a hammer, to build, not to destroy. Young man with a prayer–to sell his Father’s Glory. He was born; He was raised. Spent His days, in prayer. Poor man on the street. He sees the Spirit Glory. Woman at the well. She’ll never be so low. Son of God; Son of man; Son of rich; Son of poor. Son of God; Son of Man. Son of Woman.