HAARP & CERN Earth Attacks--Climate/Geo-engineering & Mind-control

HAARP:  a global antenna complex that generates, captures, projects and directs high powered energy-frequencies (micro-wave & radio frequency). As of recent years, HAARP has been used for NWO nefarious purposes such as weather and mind-control and the creation of natural disasters. The main antenna-array center is in Alaska—once owned and operated by the United States AF & Navy, then granted to the University of Alaska (use is presently "contracted out"). There are many associated antennas around the world--capable of syncing with satellites and the main HAARP complex In Alaska.



Note: Frequency  Attacks:


HAARP & Laser-DEW Attacks [Directed Energy Weapons]             
Texas/Gulf, Florida, East Coast & California:  Victims of Weather/DEW Weapons


California's extended drought is a manifestation of  the purposeful use of HAARP frequency technology to break up approaching storms, and the use of chem-trail spraying. See Geoengineering monitor.org at [http://www.geoengineeringmonitor.org/?fbclid=IwAR0LxjqKKvV6HX0VnTAtwPY0m8ehAxNhK5qLKr-JOueezmJZc3CbjpLniw0 ], and the GeoengineeringWatch.org website for resources and related articles, satellite proofs, videos & forums, and expert speakers.

On Dec. 26th, 2015 Texas was hit by a massive outburst of tornadoes, followed by a super-snow storm.  According to expert meteorologists/GeoEngineering Watch, these highly irregular events have the “signature” of a combo HAARP-frequency/chem-trail attack.


No doubt, Texas has been rubbing the elitist/CIA /U.S.A. Obama executive office the wrong way by presenting a coalition of state-militia-resistance to the Jade-Helm/UN-mercenary-training/open-borders/FEMA concentration camps—part of globalist plans for a New World Order covert take-over of the U.S. A. and beyond.


As leaked, President Obama had previously sent Texas a warning Nazi –style-letter. Retired generals have been sounding the alarm: “TREASON”! Our military & government has been weakened, and infiltrated by the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. Who is paying attention?


Fukushima Japan & Global Contamination: 
March 11, 2011. According to top nuclear-geo physicist, Dr. Loren Moret, and others—the CIA, U.S. Dept. of Defense and BP are among those responsible for using a HAARP e-bomb to create the Japan earthquake and consequential Tsunami/nuclear melt-downs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htsWup50i3E [Dr. "Leuren Moret-- Fukushima HAARP nuclear attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London banks"]

The meltdowns have not been contained; the Pacific Ocean is contaminated daily by unfathomable high level radiation leakage and dumping.  The Fukushima-Diiachi nuclear electric plants have been weaponized. Particulate emissions [See L. Moret video on "Black Dust of Death"]---from the crippled plants are being steered via weather-control technologies i.e. HAARP. Meanwhile the cover-up of  marine life die-off and North American/Hawaii/global contamination continues daily.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PST3HysmSPk [Dr. "Leuren Moret: Fukushima radiation has made Hawaii and Pacific islands unsafe for humans] . This is an excellent science/evidenced based video giving an over view and details.

Leuren Moret: Fukushima radiation has made Hawaii and Pacific islands unsafe for humans


USA and future attacks?

There is a  leaked military ‘personnel evacuation’ map showing an epic massive flood on the East coast, the  Great Lakes , Gulf and Mississippi River.  Only a combination of HAARP, & other clandestine weapons could create such Earthly havoc. The U.S. is scheduled for an imminent clandestine attack!


All, to trigger the FEMA/homeland Security response—martial law (nullification of the U.S. Constitution and in-statement a “New World Order”, (one world-dictatorial rule and one world religion). Purposeful cataclysmic  death and destruction to confiscate power, resources, property, and to reduce world population by 90%--as written in the “UN Agenda 21” plan.


For full-spectrum info and details on HAARP & CERN, 'New World Order' coup etc.—go to webpage www.musartproject.com  > menu "WRITINGS" > "ENVIRONMENTAL & SOCIAL JUSTICE" or https://musartproject.com/environment-social-justice  See Items:


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    CERN--the largest machine on Earth, is  located in Geneva Switzerland. It is a doughnut shaped particle collidor (atom-smasher) designed to help scientists of various nations unlock the mysteries of the universe. CERN scientists discovered the "God-particle" and produced what they call "strangelings"-- particles that attract "dark-matter". When magnetically 'pumped', CERN produces a 'gravitational-force' many times that of Earth.

    Independent scientists have issued strong warnings about the 'mini' black holes that are being generated at CERN. There is speculation that  nefarious purposes may be connected with these scientific-ventures. The collider generates massive releases of  "positrons" which have been shown to trigger irrational- violence among individuals and masses. Further, CERN scientists have reported the opening of inter-dimensional 'gate-ways' and appearances of dark-entities, as well as disappearances. More-over, CERN is 'cracking' the Earth's  solar shield.

    While CERN scientists enjoy the thrill of discovery, image-data shows that CERN is weakeing Planet Earth's natural electro-magnetic shields. These shields are vital, for they keep our atmosphere from being fried and blown away by super-hot, "radioactive-solar-winds". Are scientists risking Earth, taking her the way of desolate Mars? Do CERN scientists, and nations have the right to tinker with Earth's life-support system? A precious answer is given in a recently discovered manuscript entitled: "And They Called His Name Imanuel--I Am Sananda". Here the Earth's true Savior and Inter-Galactic God-messeger returns to reveal cosmic- truth, and words of salvation for modern human-kind..