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Item # 1.0...Open Letter & News Release: Chaos Fueled By Perverted Globalists & Their Secret Operatives

The following two 'News releases'/open letters, and links reveal the perverted "globalist control-machine":


For Immediate Release:  10-30-2018                                                                                                                                                    News Release/Open Letter--to News Media, Government Officials and the People:

A Tribute to Jamal Khashoggi  ~ by Karen Harvey                                                                                                                              



World Chaos Is Fueled By Perverted Globalists & Secret Operatives                                                            Prepare to Cry Contrary to their Mind-set, Lives Matter! 


An elitist ‘under-cover’ global network of drug & gun-running, human trafficking, child murder, human-sacrifice is revealed in all its horrifying  intersections in the documentary film: “The C.I.A.s Darkest Secret Operation” .  Brave survivors and CIA retirees render bare, ‘Luciferian abuse of power’— the dark underbelly of a Global-Beast is exposed!

The timely Film: “C.I.A’s DARKEST SECRET OPERATION! points to hand- in-glove ‘under cover’ activities of the Church-State-Royalty, and a criminal underworld.  It exposes an inter-generational global-network of ‘Luciferian-perversion’—used for political blackmail. Just what happened to so many rich and famous ‘GOOD GUYS’ we thought we knew?!!! Shame shame shame!!!  Innocent babies are literally being cut up and devoured by perverted Satanists & demigods who have no conscience.  The silenced voices and crying souls of the innocent must be heard…

This seminal documentary reveals the bloody “control tactics”, and pyramid-structure of sick- Satanical crime.  I for one say it is time People of all Nations to rise and demand or conduct  their own World-wide hearings and court trials  to stop the cross-generational blood-letting  and predatory/demonic practices—we need a truth telling and resolve that puts the “New World Order” ‘elitist-vampires’ and their accomplices behind bars—for all time, for good!  Neither, wealth, power, nor can addictions excuse the ritualized butchering, blood-letting, sex-slaving, and mind control— of babies, children, youth, adults and soldiers. 

Science has shown us that torture, pain and terror cause a super-secretion of “adrenaline” hormone into the blood stream of animal and human victims.  By witnessing &/or drinking this adrenaline loaded blood, the aggressor receives an 'adrenogenic high'. This is apparently addictive!  Thirteen ‘elitist’-family-bloodlines are said to be involved.  Top-dog practitioners of these ‘unspeakable’ horrific practices include:  Kings and Queens, former  Presidents, and other world leaders & dignitaries.

The Saudis have a lot explain...and radical Islam has a lot to atone for!  Muslim Clerics issued a gruesome Fatwa which sanctioned the ‘harvesting’ of organs from the ‘beheaded’/dead, and the living!  (‘Infidels’, Christians and Jews are to be exterminated according to some ‘sacred’ Islamic text!)  Moreover, this Fatwa ‘legalized’ the eating of the victim’s flesh!  What has become of the Washington Post  Saudi Journalist,  J. Khashoggi?  May God rest his soul. Organs are being sold on the black market. Was it just a coincidence that a medical doctor with a bone saw was among the Saudi delegation present in the Turkish Consulate when Khashoggi  met his demise?

We had better pray that voters and citizens  around  the world see light of day, for our lives and countries are being been taken over by mad duped “socialist-extremists”, & dark “secret-societies”—whose elitist puppet masters are bent on instating a monstrous “New World Order” [NWO].  Top-tier “globalists” have schemed for decades to rule the world under a global dictatorship.  

One of the  “New World Order"  take-over-tactics” in play, is to weaken nations by causing economic and social turmoil.  Flooding nations with terrorists, and legions of unwitting illegal immigrants is a major step towards achieving their goal—to over throw  or ‘take-over ‘ the USA and other Nations so to instate their ‘New World Order’:  a one world  dictatorship/technocracy government,  working in tandem with a “one-world-religion” (Luciferian?).  All this, so to serve a perverted lust for power, resources, wealth and more.  These greedy heartless  self-proclaimed ‘elite’ want to profit from and control, every aspect of Earth  and  Life on Earth! (That's why they want our guns---a defenseless citizenry would help make their NWO-demonic-dream come true). Re: New World Order (at video frame 0.10)  [ ]

It appears that ‘globalists’ have made a pact with the “Devil”. It would seem that they intend to usurp God or become God(s).  The New World Order action plan is to:  1). Create a Hierarchy of slave races and human-robotic-hybrids (See “transhumanism”);   2).  Employ advanced AI (artificial intelligence) such as existing “global-warfare-networking” AI  software;  3). Further develop mind-control technologies so to create a universal “Singularity”;   4). Adopt “UN Agenda 21” and “UN Agenda 30”5).  Continue secret ‘company’/military programs, including  R & D [research & development] that damage or destroy Life & the integrity of Earth’s Life support systems:  e.g.  DARPA, HAARP, Geo-engineering/"weather-warfare", ‘Bio–engineering’/Eugenics & reduction of global population by 70- 90%).  The dark intentions of NWO-globalists were recently engraved on the  monolithic “Georgia Guidestones” and delineated  in NASA’s “Future Wars” presentation-document. [Nasa War Document Depopulation & You. D Tavares at]

More information and  documentation can be found  in the research-links, videos  and articles referenced  at, and

“Open borders”, illegal immigration and mob-rule-antics, are but sinister ploys to overthrow Nations, cast off Constitutional rule-of-law, and dispose of human rights—further enabling human trafficking/criminal-profiteering. Where have all the ‘missing’ children gone?  Make no mistake, the film “C.I.A’s Darkest Secret Operation”, and the information I relay is not ‘Conspiracy theory’, but unfortunately, the God awful truth! 

What can be done?  Wake up/speak up, and vote your conscience—read, and share information with friends/ family and church/organizations, and local/state/Federal government officials.  Call/write &/or do a group letter/petition campaign.  Send this letter to all you contact. The following  link:  “Item # 1.1.... Ultra-High ATTACK ALERT---Open Letter to President Trump 9-6-2017” paints a holistic picture of the complex NWO Master Plan"/“end-game“ in progress. (“End-Notes” contain vital  info & documentation).

Let the voice of Civilized, Freedom Loving People be heard around the world! 


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                           Karen Harvey        


Open Letter for Immediate Release
to News Media, Government Officials and the People: 
"The Untold Story: Why Democrat-Leftists-Leaders Promote Incivility" and Anarchy

I believe it is imperative that we ask the following questions:  What exactly did Hillary Clinton mean when she said, "You cannot be civil with a party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about'?  What did she mean by "what you stand for, what you care about"? How far is Hillary and her Democratic  party's 'extreme-left-operatives' willing to go with their lack of civility? 

Since Hillary's political history shows she is an Alinskyite, and a Globalist, she cannot solely mean that the Democrats stand for free health care, 'open borders', free education, and 'equal' distribution of wealth, (the Democratic Party's bribe).

The duped Democrats have been taken over by more than the Socialist-far-left; they have been taken over by Globalist-elitists who want to control of everything!  What Hillary meant in her statement on civility, is that the "Globalists" stand to lose 'everything'everything they have so diligently planned and worked for over the decades: the in-statement of their One World Government/dictatorship. See "New World Order- a  6,000 Year History" (HD format) .

That's why they are so mad about losing the 2016 election!  They were so close to achieving their goal.  That's why the are stirring civil discontent, and anarchy. Why they want open borders and illegal immigration--why they want to  topple the Trump presidency. Globalists are presently scheming to evoke "marital law" which would suspend the US Constitution, due process, and civil rights---this suspension would 'legally' enable them to replace our U.S.A. (our Republic) with their Globalist "New World Order"---a one world government  dictatorship/technocracy. 

Most Democrats and Republicans do not want to believe that there is actually a concerted effort to over-thow the United States of America and civil society---most people do not even know of the globalist-elites' "New World Order" clandestine plot to destroy democracy, the U.S. Constitution which protects all the freedoms and civil rights our forefathers fought to secure. Most people cannot conceive of, much less understand the dark ambitions of globalist-elitists' who have in-filtered our government at every level. They have many  disguises--like Obama and Hillary, they parade as far-left socialist do-gooders, but in actuallity have the same , "New World Order" 'rule-the-world goals' as Hitler, GHW Bush, and Josep Bidden blatently professed. Their history of deception can be dicerned by listening to their own words, as well as recognizing their dirty deeds and twisted paper trail. 

he New World Order (Hitler did)! It is imperative that our legislators wake up, and that the media see and speak the truth of our peril. Trump was elected to save of our Nation and the People: he is not the enemy as the sabators of democracy and freedom would have us believe.  I challenge you to see the films referred to in the above  ~ by Karen Harvey



                           Karen Harvey 







Item # 1.1.....Ultra-High ATTACK ALERT: Open Letter to President Trump

"WAKING DREAM"---Letter to President Trump, Congress & the People



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