1. Star Wars
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Birds singing outside my studio at beginning were captured--serendipity in the recording. At the end, there's another unplanned, unforeseen sonic event: an egg "hatching"?


"Star Wars"__ Track 7.

Its said that a star wars is eminent. Who’s it going to be, not the President. He’s down in his hole, safe below; and then he can't give a hoot if the whole world go. So shoot those bombs out of the sky. The physical law say bomb never die. Energy is not created or destroyed. So shoot those bombs and have an Earthly void. He was a man of peace; he was a man abused. He was a man whose theory was surely used. And if Mr. Einstein were here today This is what you and I could hear him say: “put your bombs in your pocket, zip your flys away. There’s room in this world for the bomb today. And bury them deep and bury them well”. He’s talking bombs, talking mines––the uranium hell. And if we disengage as we surely can. There will be no more need for a nuclear ban. There will be no more blame; we will own our own. And then the seeds of peace are surely sown. There will be no more fear; we will be free to love. Life begets life, sure as the stars above. ‘Cause humankind’s capacity for love is great. And when you spread it around, there is no more hate. I see a global strength; I see a global love, when we put our think tanks in the One above. See a world of peace; I see a harmony; I see Man creature plant walking three by three. And the two legs, the four legs, creepy crawlies too will be marching the Earth to a happy moon. The planet wind water Earth, a harmony. She brings us joy, brings us. life––she is our destiny. If we keep her fair and we return to all her care, Earth will be our Great Mother ever life she will bear. Life she will bear; Life she will bear. Life she will bear––Life she will bear; Life she will bear.