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In the electronic keyboard version ( in "Lady of the Rose--a Musical Odyssey") a very spooky sound emerged at the end...I didn't mean to select the happened.


"The Will to Power"__Track 4.

Doo do doo do doooo doo, doo-ooo-ooo (2x). I am the will to power. I am the will to sin. I am the will to take all that I can. I have no love nor compassion. I do not feel for you. I seek to fill my appetite,that’s all that I can do. I seek my life of pleasure. Material is my measure I do not understand myself, my emptiness my pain. It’s control I need; I seek to fill the void. It’s force I’ll use to rise above you all. Watch you fall. Your loss my gain.Your loss my game. I feed upon your fear and your pain. Co-operation––I do not seek mutual betterment; manipulation is my way. I do not know how to nurture. I cannot share your joy, your day. I do not feel connected to myself, to you, nor Earth. I am the great destroyer. I feed upon you life your birth: the night rapier, the night ripper, the pimp the pusher, the
mighty Hitler, the resource stripper the third/(whole) world profiteer. The vampire, the molester, the wife child beater, the racist screamer. The mass crowd killer, the war monger, the coverter, the new world order. Central power to devour; ’dark male’. My psyche remains Cro-magnon. Doo doo do doo do. ‘Til I’ve learned the modern lesson of creation. Do doo do doo doo do. That sperm is half of life, I have a dream to fill. I am part of Creator’s plan. I am not–impotent infertile man. Penis envy, it’s man’s projection. Creation envy, the real detection. The women that I keep down are my ego boosters, ego boosters, ego boosters. I do not own a problem It’s always your fault. Inside I feel so insecure so small, I must prove myself by conquest of all. You fall, I rise. I rise, you fall–that’s all. Dark male, dark male, dark male; dark male, must transmute. Dark male, dark male, must go–– ‘fore he brings us to the Nether Lands, the chilly night waters under tow.