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This song was described before its recording as "epic song" by a member of James Yellow Bank's band, "Celebration of Hope", at a Wisconsin Protect the Earth Festival. I guess this is true, for it could have been written yesterday. It originates out of the early 1980's WI treaty/resource struggle.
Unintended explosion/'poof-sounds' are from sonic force of vocals at close range to the mic...some were intentionally diminished in the editing.

Cause of Wisconsin's 'explosive' 2013 Legislative session? In a clip from an official video of the 2013 Dali Lama's address to the Wisconsin Legislature, the Dali Lama speaks of kindness and compassion and relates lack thereof to the need of " the mother's milk..."


"The Gulf Between Us"__Track 2.

Aah ah a a a ah aaah...The gulf between us was waged; the gulf between us for world profit. The Persian Gulf ties us all in yellow ribbons.Ties us oh so tightly still it numbs our senses as it squeezes our pocket books. Our great white father has joined forces. Our great father, with multinational profiteers, who control world power, who control world hunger and world resources.

(Chorus): He no longer represents even the fairest citizen. He no longer represents your or I. He no longer represents ‘less we be filthy filthy rich. Only the money counts now.

Our Great white father has three heads. Our great white father, Cerberus. Our great white father serves the Trilateral Commission of Western Europe and Japan. Of Western Europe and North America.

(Chorus): “He no longer represents...”.

At every turn he steals a right–a civil right., a treaty right, a public land, a public trust. At every turn he steals a right, a civil right, a treaty right. A public land, your land, your house/health, your trust. He speaks: central power, and enterprise; central power, and enterprise; central power, and “new world order”, "by all means necessary.”

(Chorus): “He no longer...”

Repeat intro: Aaah’s”. He got to have ya. He got to take ya. He got to work ya. He got to make you–say no. We’ve got the power. Now is the hour. Say no; say no–no!