1. Flambeau Fire

“Flambeau Fire”... Track 16
(song and circle folk dance)--
An abbreviated adaptation from the CD “Flambeau Fire–Politically Hot” [K.W.H.]:

Inspired by the courageous Ojibwa/Lac Du Flambeau People and their exercise of treaty rights to hunt, fish & gather in Wisconsin ceded territories, in the face of civil unrest contrived to realize a corporate grab for timber, minerals & water resources. (Note: Ojibwa spear fishers traditionally used birch bark torches & canoes)


Flambeau fire, flambeau fire (vocalists yet
to be determined)
I see you in the night
Flambeau fire, Flambeau fire
A torch to make the light

My bones thank you for your minerals–
My blood thanks you for your waters–Earth
Your light celebrates the blue, blue blue
In Creator's sky

Blue is the sky
Reflects in your eye
Its blue in the sky
Shinning Love through
God's big blue sky